Why can’t you compare yourself to models in advertising? The blogger showed the wrong side of the photo shoots, and you will like it

The blogger showed with a specific example why girls should not compare themselves with models, and the audience is happy. Before the final perfect picture – hours of work on photos and life hacks from the best stylists. But, showing herself natural, the heroine broke the templates. Tiktokersha from the States, registered under the nickname […]

The teenagers have two mothers, and the old one has already left the chat. After all, stylists rejuvenated a woman with a photo for 10 years

A resident of England decided to radically change her life and began with herself. True, the change is not because of falling in love, but for the sake of her daughter. The teenager now hardly recognizes the mother, because she herself cannot explain where ten years have disappeared from the woman’s face. A police officer […]

Mountain dwellers took over cities in England by staging gozlageddon. And this is not an uprising of the horned ones, but a fail of animal defenders

Several localities in England are suffering from a goat invasion, the fault of which is the mistake of animal rights activists and the government. The population of mountain goats was no longer controlled, and their number increased so much that they cosplayed films in a post-apocalyptic setting. The English cities of Llandudno and Conwy have […]

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