From the eStream anime “Fate / Grand Order -Ultimate Singularity Crown Time Temple Solomon-“, accessories with character motifs will be available for pre-order from January 15th today! | Press release of CyberZ Co., Ltd.

CyberZ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takahiro Yamauchi) is a consolidated subsidiary of eStream Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Rina Takai) From “Singularity Crown Time Temple Solomon-” (official abbreviation “FGO Solomon”), accessories with the motifs of “Mash Kyrielight”, “Romani Archiman”, and “Magic King Solomon” will be available from Saturday, January 15th. Pre-order sales […]

The first collaboration between the popular anime “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” and GiRLS by PEACH JOHN! It will be released on Saturday, January 15th! Many lineups such as lingerie. | Press release of Peach John Co., Ltd.

GiRLS by PEACH JOHN Official Online Shopping Site: “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” Collaboration Collection Special Page: GiRLS by PEACH JOHN Official Instagram: [Collection lineup] This is a special limited collection with casually studded characters and motifs of the work. GiRLS by PEACH JOHN Popular bra top “Peasy 001” collaborates with “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”! […]

1/9 broadcast start!Anime “Rusted Armors” Episode 1 Preliminary Screening & Talk Live Event Report | Press Release of Age Global Networks Co., Ltd.

The first episode of the anime “Rusted Armors -Dawn-” will be pre-screened and talk live on December 30th (Thursday) at United Cinema Toyosu. Kentaro Araki (role of Tsuru), Takato Nagata (role of fireworks), Yuichiro Hirata (black) who have created each role from the stage version in this work, which is a media mix project of […]

Exclusive distribution of the short animation “Fate / Grand Carnival 1st Season” from “FGO” on U-NEXT! | Press release of U-NEXT Co., Ltd.

“Fate / Grand Carnival 1st Season” is a short animation born from the popular RPG “Fate / Grand Order” for smartphones. Set in the world of “Fate / Grand Order”, it is a work that depicts a new festival ruckus that masters and servants unfold, and in the special program “Fate Project New Year’s Eve […]

We have started accepting orders for 4 types of Ani-Art 3rd products from the TV anime “Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld”!At “AMNIBUS”, which sells original anime and manga goods

Arma Bianca Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tomonari Sakai) has launched the TV anime “Sword Art Online Arishi” on “AMNIBUS”, a mail-order site that develops original goods with the concept of “can be used in everyday life”. We started accepting orders for “Zation War of Underworld” products from December 24th (Friday).,395,727,803?utm_source=press Ani-Art products […]

Commercialized TV animation “ULTRAMAN”! Orders for crew sweatshirts and sweatshirts with character motifs will be available from December 28th (Tuesday) at the Right-on online shop! | Press release of Right-on Co., Ltd.

Right-on Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yusuke Fujiwara, hereafter Right-on) will release items from the TV anime “ULTRAMAN” on Tuesday, December 28, 2021. From noon, we will start pre-order sales at Right-on’s online shop. There are 3 types of crew neck sweatshirts and sweatshirts, and we will develop sweatshirts using the scenes in the […]

NFT Marketplace blockchain game specializing in Japanese anime and comics Polka Fantasy, “NFT WEEKS TOKYO (Ginza)” exhibited on 24th and 25th | Press release of CoinPost Co., Ltd.

PolkaFantasy is the name of a blockchain game that uses an NFT marketplace platform and a Play-to-Earn model that specializes in Japanese two-dimensional culture (animation, comics, games, pop culture). We entered the NFT business before the NFT market began in earnest in Japan, and are currently developing the NFT business for the global market. The […]

The TV anime “SELECTION PROJECT” is now available at the lottery hall!Lots of gorgeous prizes using newly drawn illustrations !! | Press release of KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.

Nine people from the TV anime “SELECTION PROJECT”, Suzu ☆ Rena, Splasoda °, and GAPsCAPs, dressed in cute costumes, have a lineup of original products using newly drawn illustrations. In addition, we will also carry out an extra campaign to receive bromide! Furthermore, if you follow and retweet the official account of Kujihikido as a […]

“Akasik Chronicle-Apocalypse of the Dawn” Christmas fair with up to 90 free reams is being held! | Shanghai Moonton Technology Co., Ltd. Press Release

◆ What is “Akasik Chronicle-Apocalypse of Dawn”? “Akasik Chronicle-Apocalypse of the Dawn” is a high-quality neglected RPG created based on the world view of MOBA “Mobile Legends” for smartphones, which has achieved 1 billion downloads worldwide. When the land of dawn was on the verge of ruin, the legendary “Apocalypse” reappeared in the world … […]

Ground Y x Anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” collaboration decided | Press release of Yohji Yamamoto Co., Ltd.

Ground Y x Anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” _ Tanjiro Kamado Ground Y x Anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” _ Nezuko Kamado Ground Y x Anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” _ Purgatory Anjuro “Ground Y” is a brand that proposes new possibilities for fashion in a “genderless” and “ageless” style while incorporating multifaceted elements that synchronize with the […]