The Brothers Soul Comix Movie: A Super-Big Movie Cosplay Radio Theater Movie! raw feet, episode # 7

The Brothers Soul Comix Movie: A Super-Big Movie Cosplay Radio Theater Movie! raw footage, episode # 7 —————————- – Episode # 8 is at: 397701887 ———————————— L OTHERT RAMBLINGS: c / o, – –Come the new SOUL COMIX (SNEAK PAGE PREVIEW) preview [& audio track!]. 1 / [AUDIO PODCAST] 1 / [AUDIO PODCAST] […]

Another small tribute to: HONEY HOLMES (Photo) (comedy, Model, Twitch & Cosplay)

#HoneyHolmes #Photo #Tribute #Actress #Model #Cosplay #Twitch Honey Holmes is a sweet lady and friend known for her acting skills, Modeling, Cosplay and Twitch Official Website: Official Twitch Channel: Photo Credit: Various Sources and Honey’s official website! MrSheltonTV Media Links: MrSheltonTV Media (2.0) Channel: Website: Vimeo: Blogger : Music […]

Why can’t you compare yourself to models in advertising? The blogger showed the wrong side of the photo shoots, and you will like it

The blogger showed with a specific example why girls should not compare themselves with models, and the audience is happy. Before the final perfect picture – hours of work on photos and life hacks from the best stylists. But, showing herself natural, the heroine broke the templates. Tiktokersha from the States, registered under the nickname […]

The Russian woman cosplays Scarlett Johansson so that the actress leaves the chat. Even fans can’t tell a clone from a Romanoff

The blogger shot a cosplay for Natasha Romanoff from Black Widow, and fans of Scarlett Johansson couldn’t believe their eyes. Even a devoted fan will not be able to distinguish a girl from an actress. Maybe this is the same Russian original? Nickname tiktoker content kate_johansson (Katrin Shumskaya) usually got no more than 200 thousand […]

KBS’s repeated apology “After the controversy, the caption of’Imperial Palace’ was confirmed, sorry for not recognizing it in advance” [공식입장]

KBS revealed the production process related to the use of paid site images of’Chosun Pop Again’ and reiterated that it was not intentionally used. The image of the background of Yonggung was used on the stage of KBS’s’Chosun Pop Again’, which was aired earlier during the Lunar New Year holiday, but this image of Yonggung […]