Red Rover, co-produced film’box box’

[팍스넷뉴스 류석 기자] Red Rover, famous for producing the animation’The Nut Job’, is making remarkable results in the domestic film production market. Red Rover announced on the 22nd that the movie’Mission Possible’, which participated as a co-producer, reached the top of the box office in two days after its release on the 17th, overtaking’Soul’, which […]

Role-playing game “Ghost Valley and Eight Wastes” limited-time promotion for only 61 yuan_山海经

2021-02-03 20:40 source:DoNews game Original title: Role-playing game “Ghost Valley Bahuang” limited-time promotion for only 61 yuan The domestic role-playing game “Ghost Valley Bahuang” developed by Guigu Studio has launched a limited-time promotion in the Steam Mall. The original price is 68 yuan, and the price is now reduced by 10%. The price is only […]