Japan Trip 2011 (In a Nutshell)

Here’s a quick little montage of some of the feet I grabbed in Tokyo and Chiba. In total I have around 3 hours of footage which I will cut along different videos with. This is just a taste and a test for my new computer. It’s good to finally be able to edit a foot […]

If Hongdae is’Akihabara’, then AK& is’Radio Hall’ for subculture enthusiasts.

AK & Hongdae branch, enthusiast shops gather on the 5th floor…Expert “Now subculture is not a lower order to companies, but a liquor business” The appearance of the’Radio Hall’, a sacred place for subcultures, located near Akihabara Station. [사진=뉴스퀘스트] 【News Quest = Reporter Kim Bo-min】 These days, there are places that domestic subculture enthusiasts often […]