Netflix will release up to 40 new anime during 2021

Like every month, Netflix does not stop adding new content to its platform to the delight of its thousands of users. In this panorama, lovers of Japanese animation have been the most benefited thanks to the emerging offer of anime, whether original of the service or not. Following the enormous success of Castlevania and Dota: […]

Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God: Anime s1 ep1Gaming Today

(More about the series) (Summary sheet of AnketsuPills) INTRODUCTIONHola, today we start the comment of a new series, this time we talk about Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God, (in Italian “Suddenly, the Egyptian gods”) one slice of life with extremely comic and nonsense colors.It is a series anime composed by short films, directed by Katsuya Kikuchi […]

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