Brazen – trailer | Anime Studio Pro

September 8, 1915 is not only the day of the bombing of London by zeppelin of the German fleet, but also the day of an unknown foreign invasion. They descend from the moon under night cover. Help channel | Map of Sberbank: 4817 7601 2009 1586 WMR (rubles): R656528226792 WMZ (dollars): Z952653805347 My Portfolio (view […]

Test auto track in Anime Studio Pro

They wanted to test the use of Anime Studio auto track tool (convert art to vector), the results were really nice considering the very rough line art I used for the test. Whatever I still prefer the vector but do because ultimately it will give you more control in the end. But this could be […]

ArtRage 2.5 + Anime Studio Pro

First (and probably only) test of cartoon animation. I had to make this little cartoon to announce my second GF pregnancy, the mother of my children. I didn’t have much time to do it, so I needed easy and effective tools. ArtRage 2.5 was perfect for drawing my characters and series, it’s amazingly simple and […]

Download Anime Studio Pro 11 Full Spanish MEGA

ANIME STUDIO PRO 11 Full Spanish: Video-Tutorial for downloading and installing ANIME STUDIO PRO 11. ANIME STUDIO PRO 11 is a very complete tool that allows you to create animation in 2 dimensions. It is easy to use if you are an amateur and if you are a professional, this product is convenient to […]