Always a good time

This is a Musicvideo about our cosplay meeting in Germany / Koblenz; 3 And he said, Aniko. This is some kind of present for my people xD and a “Thank you” for them! Thanks for the funny days; D have fun!

Tomato meeting RTfaiL News part 2

Ludwig and Manon introduce you to exciting topics and reporters outside Gilbert ask for public opinion! Live better! How do you avoid being part of the elite cosplay? Terrible! User Gwen D. would like to unsubscribe from Animexx! Incomprehensible! Shower invention! Terrible! Hostage drama in Moscow!

SUN! COnnichi Cosplay Features 2010

This was my little project for Connichi 2010! THANK YOU TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO POSSIBLE! Without you it wouldn’t be as scary as it is! This thing was a cut-throat brunette not because it was so hard, but my cutting program hated videophiles. Model in appearance order: Watson: -Aika- Holmes: Layla […]