Art: Denis Villeneuve showed the storyboards of “Dunes”, which he drew with a friend as a child | Art, News

Director Denis Villeneuve is known for carefully drawing every frame for his storyboard paintings. He has been working on films with artist Sam Hudecki (French Canadian) since 2013. Production designer Patrice Vermette even revealed that Villeneuve has many storyboard options for each scene. During preproduction, he lives with these drawings, they constantly hang on his […]

Inside story revealed by director Cho of the Korean animated film “Beauty Water” | NIKKEI STYLE

The wave of growth in Korean content is spreading to anime. The animated movie “Plastic Surgery” that is being released is a unique horror work with the theme of the modern element of “plastic surgery”. TMS Entertainment, an animation production company familiar with the “Detective Conan” series, is paying attention to this Korean animation for […]

Japanese artist turns cardboard boxes into artwork

Drawing inspiration from movies, TV series and anime, the Japanese artist transforms old cardboard boxes into incredible sculptures. Monami Ono, 29, who was born in Wakayama Prefecture and now lives in Tokyo, graduated from Osaka University of the Arts, where she studied animation. Taking the pseudonym “Cardboard Girl”, Monami independently learned the art of working […]