Soul Victim

“Anime Vittime” is the title of the installation created by Filippo Centenari and Frankie hi-nrg mc on November 15, 2012 in the Sala Santa Rita in Rome, on display until December 6, 2012. “Anime Vittime” is exhibition contemporary by Filippo Centenari and Frankie hi-nrg mc on 2012 15 nov at Sala Santa Rita in Rome. […]

Avalon Summer Faerie Fest 2016

Video Promotion of the Avalon Summer Faerie Fest 2016. Video editing and editing: Fernando “RF” (Photoletum Studio) Camera operator: Enrique Muñoz (La Buitre Producciones) LOCATION Youth Youth Condemios de Arriba 18 and 19 June 2016 SPORTS DEMONSTRATION Madrid Lynx Quidditch Softcombat Arena Madrileña de Jugger Association LIVE BOARD AND WLEL GAMES Despertalia Vorpalia Arcana […]

Our first day of art!

World Art Day is celebrated to promote awareness of creative activities around the world and culture takes to the streets for everyone to appreciate. We want to bring animation one day closer to everyone, which is why we dress like different important icons in the history of universal animation. Guess what they are? World Art […]

Legend of Eliana 1.2

Summary A young commercial employee has a particular hobby: cosplay. To pull this off, you need to make your own costume and accessories. Eliana tells of her experiences in this area and how her life changed, while preparing a cosplay of Link from the game Zelda. Production: Daniel Cabaña Director: Juan Beccaria Director of Photography: […]