The bronze statue of the Chilean national hero is damaged, and the people propose to replace the captain of the “Attack on Giant” | Attack on the Giant | Levier_Sina

Original title: The bronze statue of Chilean national hero was damaged, and the public suggested that the captain of “Attack on Giant” should be replaced. Island animation is very influential overseas, at least Chile is one of them. Recently, an anecdote has caused heated discussion. According to foreign media reports,Because of the recent demonstrations, the […]

The attacking giant is wearing pants!Online Smile Malaysia Censorship System-Entertainment | Instant Entertainment

2021-02-04 09:41:12  2422583 2422583 Favorites Instant entertainment (Petaling Jaya News on the 4th) The attacking giant puts on pants! The Japanese manga “Attack on Titan” became popular, and the author Isayama created his popularity. The work was not only translated into 18 languages, sold in 180 countries around the world, and was also remade into […]