My daughter is crazy about games and anime!

Usually, the main characters in anime are finely organized personalities. There are a lot of lyrics in anime. I don’t see anything terrible for a teenager. Anime is a very teenage genre. Often touching, vulnerable, beautiful, inspired. Look at something. The same “Ghost in the Shell” (cyberpunk) or “Your name” (family). The fact that her […]

Manga – Is it illegal to download anime?

All notice 【Movie Event】 It’s as creepy as hell 🎬 premiere invitation event 25 2021.10.06 5763 All notice 【Movie Event】 Action has been unlocked! 🎬 advance ticket event 50 2021.10.05 4254 All notice All directory rules 477 2021.04.26 95402 Bulletin chat Is this difficult? 35 2021.03.20 15951 Bulletin ⭐️ Manga Best Bulletin Board Link Guide […]

2009 portfolio model

David made me a beautiful slideshow using some photos from my 2000-2009 model record. My favor bit is second half … He plays Bad Apple from the Touhou Project. =) Pics of the most recent models here –

Fule your inner geek – EsianMall

Esianbox is a subscription box for Geer Geek and Geek Chics looking to fuel their ongoing gaming while looking good. Our Geek Gamer Snack Box features snacks from all across Asia. gamers can be used to keep the part rolling. The Chic Geek Beauty box is filled with great Korean Beauty products for that perfect […]