Annie’blade of demonic extinction’ after filming’TOP3′ in Korea 4 days after Netflix release

Theatrical version’blade of demons: infinite train’ [인사이트] Reporter Kim Na-young = The anime’blade of demonic extinction’ that heated the Japanese archipelago has finally landed on Netflix in Korea. On the 21st, Netflix launched the popular animation’Sword of Demonstration’ Season 1 service with the support of domestic users. Currently, Netflix has released all 26 episodes of […]

Rengoku’s famous ambassador 5

Movie’The Blade of the Demons-Infinite Train’ [인사이트] Reporter Namha Kim =’The Blade of Demon Extinction-Infinite Train’ is striking the world beyond Japan with a brilliant action scene and a moving story. This work, which was derived only from the episode of “Infinite Train” from the original “Sword of Demon Extinction”, surpassed the record of “Sen […]

Animation Saved a Theater in Corona 19 Crisis

Animation 3 saved by a theater in crisis in Corona 19[사진=각 영화 포스터] With Corona 19, the film industry is in a dark age. In January, the number of daily audiences fell to 10,000, and suffered difficulties. Among these, animations such as the Disney Pixar animation’Soul’ and’The Blade of Demon Extinction’ and’Detective Conan’ are helping […]