HTTYD cosplay movie fan: 2 weeks after HTTYD2 // by Cameko Sam

How To Train Your Dragon Fan Movie Cosplayers: Zihark as hiccup Thelema as Astrid Saetiz as Valka Facebook pages: https: // www. Music: Ocelon – Hunter of the Moon Special thanks to all three cosplayers, for various reasons : * For Zihark because he was already my go-to actor, this […]

Kill La Kill cosplay video (KLK) // by Cameko Sam Cosplayers: Illisia, ThelemaTherion, Nunnally, VolvagiaForTres, Motoko, Yurio, Vrael / ThelemaTherionCosplay? Fref = ts ts https: // Shot at expocomic 2014, in Madrid Music: Serge Makarov – Tower Defense