Japanese “cartoons” that “kill children”? How things are with anime in the world and in Latvia: analysis – Life – TVNET Beauty – About everything that is interesting to women – TVNET Beauty – TVNET

Bright drawing and plots, characters imitated by children and even adults. These are Japanese “cartoons” that are banned in Russia and whose fan base continues to grow throughout the world. And in Riga too. Let’s figure out what anime is and how things are with it in Latvia! Compared to Pokemon and Sailor Moon, which […]

The White Pony – [Cosplay] My Little Pony

[Cosplay] My Little Pony – Daring Do in different forms! posted the 03/09/2021 at 3:54 p.m. by Schumette MLP cosplaying is Magic of elbdot Introduction Hello everyone, let’s discover cosplays of our two great adventurers from episode 4, season 4: Daring Do and Rainbow Dash 1) Daring Do of Rose0fMay It was when she saw […]