Late Night Dub Fight – Anime Evolution 2013

Relive moments of your favorite anime, cartoons and TV broadcasts in a new funny light. The Late-Night Dub-Fight puts members of Synaptic Chaos Theater and invites each other to find out who can “enhance” classic clips by redubbing them live with their imposing production skills. No one knows what host Ian Horner has up his […]

Being stupid !? Cartoons, anime, mini games

Flash Drawing (now without Flash) Drawing, animating, and mini-games in Flash were the main part of my livelihood for a few months in 2004/2005. During this time, about seventy motifs, some of which were very animated, were created for After I’ve always had room for some examples working in the field of illustration and […]

Moments of Anime – Episode 1

This is a self-made play project with hand-drawn elements from Photoshop. The idea I had of having a jerky, poorly armed animation (i.e. by five sophisticated mouths) takes a poke at the tropes of the animated genre. My kids love to animate so I’ve not been close to seeing quite a bit. I always got […]

SVA NYC Features Dash Shaw

Dash Shaw (BFA 2005 Illustration) is a comic book writer / artist, animator and author of the critically acclaimed novels Cosplayers, Doctor, New School and Bottomless Belly Sale, published by Fantagraphics. She also wrote Love Brain Food (Odd Press), GardenHead (Meathaus), Mother’s Mouth (Alternative Comics) and BodyWorld (Pantheon Book), and her first feature film, All […]

Anime I, Tsushima / Ore, Tsushima (2021) – “A tale about the most ordinary street cat, which only avid cat lovers or the Japanese version of Simon’s cat will understand”

More than 10 years ago, the Internet was blown up by Simon’s Cat. The secret of the cartoon’s success was simple: before us is the most ordinary cat and the most ordinary owner. The cat induces total chaos at home and pisses off the owner, and in a way that is typical for most cats […]