Anime Naruto Hurricane Chronicles – “Naruto, ninja, fighting is not mine. That’s what I think after I loved this anime more than anyone else in the world. “

Greetings, readers. I think many of you know an anime called “Naruto”. Although why many? Now everyone knows this anime, who do not ask. It is not even known to fans of Japanese animation, and some think that this is the only anime that only exists. Well, it doesn’t matter. Today I would like to […]

Animaze! Teasing Tacloban City Cosplay Competition September 10, 2011 Creative Manager: Chic Radores Camera 1: Jeremy Bayaya Camera 2 / Edit: Panx Solajes Performing: Ria Devaras Music: Date and Night (Skins UK OST)

Japanese “cartoons” that “kill children”? How things are with anime in the world and in Latvia: analysis – Life – TVNET Beauty – About everything that is interesting to women – TVNET Beauty – TVNET

Bright drawing and plots, characters imitated by children and even adults. These are Japanese “cartoons” that are banned in Russia and whose fan base continues to grow throughout the world. And in Riga too. Let’s figure out what anime is and how things are with it in Latvia! Compared to Pokemon and Sailor Moon, which […]

Anime wallpapers | Anime wallpapers available for boys and girls today have been delivered, waiting for you to choose_avatar

Original title: Anime Wallpaper | Today’s anime wallpapers available for boys and girls have been delivered, waiting for you to choose Click【 Anime Avatar Wallpaper】- Find 【…】 in the upper right corner Immediately set me asStar/Top-Don’t get lost Anime Avatar Wallpaper “Time is crazy, I am obsessed and rushed all the way” Anime/cartoon/animation/two-dimensional/avatar wallpaper Who […]