Welcome with Guy Béart, talk show pioneer

Each week, find the treasures of our archives with Madelen. Between 1966 and 1978, the singer of Living water produced and animated 70 issues of a rendezvous that he wanted “fraternal”, that is to say in his image. Disappeared last week, Raoul Sangla was, alternately with Rémy Grumbach, the director of a program which is […]

Hikaru Utada’s anime “To Your Eternity” theme song “PINK BLOOD” MV premiere was a great success. An exhibition will be held at Ginza Sony Park B2 from June 5th.

Hikaru Utada “PINK BLOOD” is a hot topic as the theme song of the anime “To Your Eternity” (originally written by Yoshitoki Oima, serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine”), which is popular on NHK E-Tele. The digital single is finally available on June 2nd. The music video was premiered on YouTube at the same time as […]

A new series of blockbuster national comedy anime “Hetalia World Stars” x TOWER RECORDS CAFE collaboration will be held in Shibuya, Nagoya and Umeda!

To commemorate the delivery of the new series of the blockbuster national comedy anime, the anime “Hetalia World Stars” and TOWER RECORDS CAFE have collaborated!We will deliver a lot of fun, such as sales of collaboration menus and take-out bottle drinks that imaged characters, original benefits using newly drawn illustrations that imaged them working at […]

Aimi decides new single “Kazania” as ED theme for TV anime “How a Realist Hero Reconstruction” | OKMusic

Aimi, a voice actor who has participated in many popular music-themed works such as “BanG Dream!”, “D4DJ” and “Idolmaster Million Live!”, Will be on Wednesday, July 28th. ) Has decided to release a new single “Kazania”. The CD of “Kazania” will be released in two forms, the first limited edition and the regular edition, and […]

UVERworld releases new single “NAMELY” on June 2nd. The title song lyric video released in collaboration with the TV anime “The Seven Deadly Sins: The Judgment of Wrath” –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

UVERworld released their new single “NAMELY” (reading: Namely) on June 2nd. The lyric video of the title song has been released. This song is the second cool ending theme of the TV anime “The Seven Deadly Sins: The Judgment of Wrath” (Original: Nakaba Suzuki / Kodansha “Weekly Shonen Magazine”). The ending video is used. It […]

the peggies | New single “Footprints” released on June 9 | TV anime “My Hero Academia” 5th ending theme | Purchase first-come-first-served bonus sticker –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

The new single “Footprints” of the three-piece band the peggies is a straight and passionate rock number that depicts parting and growth, suffering and life accepting a weak self.Vocal & Guitar Yuho Kitazawa’s ever-growing singing voice conveys the determination to face herself, who is shaken by her identity, saying, “Goodbye, I have to go now […]

Stop motion animation “PUI PUI Molcar” Blu-ray & DVD released on July 28 | Tower Records first-come-first-served driver’s license (Shiromo) –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Many domestic and international awards!A new sensation stop-motion animation released by director Tomoki Misato, a new puppet character and anime expectation! Immediately after the broadcast, it became a hot topic on Twitter! The stop-motion animation “PUI PUI Molcar”, which has been acclaimed both in Japan and overseas, has already been packaged, engrossing a wide range […]

Mai Kuraki unveils all 24 TV anime theme songs & movie theme songs to commemorate the 1,000th broadcast of “Detective Conan” –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

The anime “Detective Conan” finally aired 1,000 times on March 6th. It was just talked about that Mai Kuraki, who is indispensable for the theme song, wrote a new song “ZERO to Hajimete” to commemorate the 1,000th broadcast, but she has collaborated with “Detective Conan”. All the songs have started to be distributed by the […]

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