The Russian woman cosplays Scarlett Johansson so that the actress leaves the chat. Even fans can’t tell a clone from a Romanoff

The blogger shot a cosplay for Natasha Romanoff from Black Widow, and fans of Scarlett Johansson couldn’t believe their eyes. Even a devoted fan will not be able to distinguish a girl from an actress. Maybe this is the same Russian original? Nickname tiktoker content kate_johansson (Katrin Shumskaya) usually got no more than 200 thousand […]

The beauty blogger swung her brush and became Kristen Stewart. Not even Robert Pattinson can tell her from the real Bella

The girl copied Kristen Stewart’s appearance with makeup with such accuracy that even Edward Cullen could not distinguish her from Bella Swan. It’s time for plastic surgeons to strain, because if she teaches everyone to do this, they will lose their jobs. Tiktokersha cartwrightztzk93 She is so fond of make-up that she dedicated almost all […]

Fans compare the young self to Dwayne Johnson, and it’s a fiasco. After all, the Rock was already an unattainable peak

TV presenter Jimmy Fallon showed himself 15-year-old alongside actor Dwayne Johnson at 15 and made the commentators giggle. After all, the Rock, as a teenager, reached the level of an unattainable peak – and, comparing young themselves with a wrestler, the fans were finally convinced of this. Dwayne, are you really human? It’s no secret […]