Black Summoner watch anime on

Release year: 2022 Duration: 23 min. Anime Rating: 8.9 / 10 (285 votes) Voice acting: AnimeVost, AniDUB, DEEDIE’S ROOM, OnWave, SHIZA Project, AniLibria, Amazing Dubbing, AniMovie, DubClub, AniStar Many Voices, Crunchyroll Subtitles 5 episodesOngoing 16+ 8.9 A high school student named Tsuguna was supposed to live a very long life in our familiar world, but […]

Cover Review | “Children’s Kitchenware” is hot, is it labor education or role-playing? _child_parent_commodification

Original title: Cover Review | “Children’s Kitchenware” is hot, is it labor education or role-playing? Jiang Jingjing A few days ago, the Ministry of Education released the “Compulsory Education Labor Curriculum Standards (2022 Edition)” (referred to as “Standards”), and formulated “organization and storage”, “household cleaning, cooking, home beautification and other daily labor” according to different […]

Yibin Cuiping: Promoting Mental Health Education to Escort Students’ Growth_Cuiping District_Distinct Theme_All District

Original title: Yibin Cuiping: Promote mental health education to escort students’ growth Recently, the on-site meeting of mental health education and family education hosted by the Education and Sports Bureau of Cuiping District, Yibin City was held at No. 8 Middle School in Yibin City. At the on-site meeting, campus psychological dramas with distinct themes […]

The “Children’s Heart to the Party” and “June 1st” celebrations are combined with practical solutions for children and adolescents

CCTV news: On the occasion of the “June 1st” International Children’s Day, 10 departments including the All-China Women’s Federation and the Central Civilization Office jointly issued a notice, requiring all localities and relevant departments to focus on the theme of “Children’s Hearts to the Party”, using children’s preferred language, form and The carrier carries out […]

The mother took the baby to play “role-playing” and became popular, with an annual income of nearly one million. Netizens criticized: pulling the seedlings to encourage growth

When a person is interested in something, he will study it seriously with a pleasant mood, as if there is an invisible driving force pushing forward. With the popularity of the Internet, many “Internet celebrities” have gradually appeared in our field of vision, and “Tang Wuxie” is one of them. Little girl becomes popular for […]

Grab the Mini Town parent-child restaurant/children’s playground pass ticket for 49.9 yuan!Ocean bubble pool + role-playing doctor fairy + police +…_Xingyi City_Event_宝宝

Original title: 49.9 yuan to grab the Mini Town parent-child restaurant/children’s playground pass ticket! Ocean bubble pool + role-playing doctor fairy + police +… Mini TownFamily restaurant Mini Town Children’s Amusement Park Net celebrity ball pool, small balls in the pool,Each is passingFine sanding,The color is fresh and the materials are environmentally friendly and healthy, […]

Who will sing “red face” and “white face” when educating children? (Photos)-Parents-Talking about the joys and sorrows of education–Watch China Net

Who will do “red face” and “white face”? (Image source: Adobe Stock) a lot ofparentsIn educationchildAt times, they will each play different roles. Usually mothers will be more amiable, while fathers are more irritable or even rough. It’s like mom sings”Red face“, Dad sings”white face”。 Many people feel that whoever makes a “red face” or […]