My daughter is crazy about games and anime!

Usually, the main characters in anime are finely organized personalities. There are a lot of lyrics in anime. I don’t see anything terrible for a teenager. Anime is a very teenage genre. Often touching, vulnerable, beautiful, inspired. Look at something. The same “Ghost in the Shell” (cyberpunk) or “Your name” (family). The fact that her […]

Daughter is interested in anime

The eldest daughter is fond of anime, the younger one is fond of Koreans, but these are at least real people, the eldest is in love with those who do not exist, hangs their posters all over the room, she is 20 and she with her cartoons, shouts some strange words, was caught several times […]

Daughter watches anime, how to wean her from it?

a guest The question is not about anime, but a departure from the real world into a virtual, invented one. She is not interested in everything, she does not see the point. Doesn’t understand why he is studying, lack of desires. We’ll have to spend more time together. At least on weekends – theaters, cinema, […]