The Spider-Man Montreal

Montreal raised Sean Powell spends most of his time walking the streets of downtown Montreal, Quebec dressed as Spider-Man in hopes of bringing smiles to people’s faces. Hosting children’s birthday parties and occasional visits to Montreal Children’s Hospital – Powell gives back to the community the power of cosplay. Focus Statement: Sean Finds Himself Through […]

Harmless anime or weapon of mass destruction

Zlata and Sonya came to their favorite anime store. Girls have been fond of Japanese culture for several years. Among the preferences are manga, the so-called graphic novel, and famous animated series. Recently, it has become more difficult to find notebooks and key rings with your favorite symbols. Due to the ban on merch, the […]

MaytheFourth 2018 StarWars cosplay-extended piece

So after winning the local costume contest we decided to take the younglings city and create something seasonal. We hope you enjoy. Pieces – Cosplay Chapter – Knoxville Tn Directed / Filmed by InTempest Nan association with GlassRoseStudios MUSIC CREDIT: Nathan Turley, Stuart Edge and produced by Adam Turley […]

Psychologists told how to protect children from suicide Frame from the anime “Death Note” Photo: Recently, a series of child and teenage suicides swept across Russia. Police and parents speculate that the “romanticizing death” of Japanese anime is to blame. Nevertheless, psychologists assure that this is not entirely true. They told how to protect children from thoughts of suicide. According to […]

Blogger MrBeast found a “clone” among Belarusian youtubers, and this is Vlad Bumaga. It’s not about the image, but theft

Youtuber MrBeast noticed that the Belarusian video blogger Vlad Bumaga “steals” his covers for his own A4 channel on YouTube. But while some fans, led by showman Logan Paul, supported the idol, Russian-speaking users explained why there won’t be a hate. Popular American YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, better known by his pseudonym MrBeast, posted an exposing […]