Best Hollywood Anime Movies

You can already watch the new “Cowboy Bebop” on “Netflix” – another Hollywood adaptation of the anime, which, alas, has not climbed above the level of kitsch cosplay. Is it really that difficult to make a good anime movie? We understand the history of the issue. 8. Dragonball: Evolution «Dragonball Evolution» A failed Hollywood blockbuster […]

The court comes alive # 9

For this 9th edition of this animated Court, the animated short is coming home! “Le court s’anime” has become a recognized event around animated cinema, in the region, that Ciclic is implementing in partnership with cinema. In 2012, 7 short films from Canada to Norway, via France or Switzerland, will be able to discover curious […]

New Star Wars is not canon

New Animated Series Recently Released “Star Wars” – all nine episodes appeared on Disney + Star Wars: Visions (Star Wars: Visions). “Visions” Is an anime anthology, with each episode telling a separate story in a different animation style. He invites fans Star Wars the opportunity to look differently at the franchise. Actually “Visions” not part […]