Trisha Cleveland – Coil Demo Spring 2015

Updated surface reel and a sample of my thesis work included. Hang: Character surface from Yummy: Responsible for character surface and make sure the character fit well with the environment. Modeled in Maya, Render and Renderman. Strawberry surface Create for a solo project. Modeled in Maya, Render and Renderman. Thesis work: Eleonora in Toledo […]

TRAV @ WATERLOO By Astrocelt

[email protected] Astrocelt’s trav is on the hunt for his missing Time machine. His research takes him to the Waterloo Festival in Cleveland where he makes new friends, is accosted by paparazzi and finds an indication of where his Time car is … “Waterloo! At last! What is it? Steam punk! Madame Haberdasher, I congratulate you! […]