What do you do after there are no make-up classes and online games “10”? “Retro” games cause memories to kill after “80” and “90”-Viewpoint·Observation-cnBeta.COM

In the first week of “Anti-addiction”, the children took out the Three Kingdoms Killing card that their parents treasured… Recently, a photo of a child playing the Three Kingdoms Kill after “10” triggered collective nostalgia among netizens born in the “80s” and “90” generations. With the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, children have more […]

Chinese mobile games are eye-catching in the Japanese market, and three games including “Yuan Shen” rank among the top ten best-selling games-Mobile Games-cnBeta.COM

In Japan’s most popular game list, it is usually dominated by local games. However, in recent years, more and more Chinese games have emerged, and they have become the hearts of many experienced gamers. According to the latest report released by the market research agency Sensor Tower, the size of the Japanese mobile game market […]

WWDC14 Unbroadcast Short Film: Comedian Larry David plays Apple App Reviewer-Apple App Store/Music/TV/News/Podcast

On Monday, Sam Henri-Ghoul shared a video clip on Twitter,Show that Apple invited well-known comedian and writer Larry David to produce a promotional video that seemed to be used in the previous World Developer Conference (WWDC).Although the full short film was never officially aired, it was reported that it was originally expected to appear at […]

Game card auctioned for 87 million sky-high prices, lawyers are suspended: Those who maliciously bid up may be sentenced to three years in prison-Warning!-cnBeta.COM

Recently, a game card sold at a sky-high price of 87 million has aroused everyone’s attention. The main body of this auction was a limited-edition card of Yu-Gi-Oh, which was eventually stopped by the bidders maliciously increasing the price. It is reported that this pure gold “blue-eyed white dragon” is specially customized to commemorate the […]

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