“One Piece” latest linkage Uniqlo T-shirt will be released on April 23, the theme comes from the country of Japan-Japanese and Korean comics-cnBeta.COM

The well-known animation “One Piece” linked with clothing chain brand Uniqlo leg launched the latest T-shirt, scheduled to be officially released on April 23, this time the theme comes from “One Piece” and the country chapter, Let’s get a sneak peek together. ·Konokuni is a country in the Japanese manga “One Piece” and its derivative […]

Analysis says that the philanthropy of the elites in the United States and the United Kingdom is mainly for the rich-Viewpoint·Observation-cnBeta.COM

According to a new meta-analysis, the philanthropy of the American and British elites is more about creating benefits for the super-rich, rather than alleviating social maladies for the poor.A group of British researchers reviewed 263 journal articles, books and studies on elite philanthropy to better understand its role in this new era of inequality. access: […]

Interactive video game “Role Playing: Deep Immersion” released on March 14-Game-cnBeta.COM

The interactive video-style adventure game “Role Player: Full Immersion” is now available on the Steam store. The game supports Traditional Chinese and will be officially released on March 14. access: 2021 Alibaba Cloud’s Cloud Procurement Season: Purchase subsidies, recharge coupons, and pre-emptive purchases… Game promo: >>>>Steam store link “Role Playing: Deep Immersion” will take the […]