Cocktail + Cosplay: Tyrion Lannister Shot

Cocktail + Cosplay is back with another game of throne-themed drinking! This week, Jada, Jordan, and Chavon try the Tyrion Lannister shot from Stuck Magazine. (Spoiler alert: it’s delicious.) Watch together to hear us roar, and join us by vaccinating Tyrion this weekend: 2.5 oz. Gray Goose Pear Vodka 1.5 oz. Saint Germain Elderflower Liquor […]

Cocktail + Cosplay: Lady of Dragons

Welcome to cocktails + cosplay! We’re combining our love of nerdy fashion with fancy drinks in a brand new weekly video series. Every Friday, join us for cocktails (and mocktails) inspired by our favorite fandoms and characters. This week is our Jada host along with Jordan and Chavon (and our behind-the-scenes special guest Ashley) preventing […]