My Cosplays 2014 – Natsuno_Yuuki

I wish you all a happy new year ^^ Now I show you all my cosplays from this year in this small X3 slideshow Thank you @ all my friends and photos ^^ Photo: Jessica Schönberger https: //www.facebook .com / jessica.scho … usagi & Yuiii iigo (Animexx) Dezibell https: // … CF: https: //www.facebook. […]

CODE: BREAKER Cosplayvideo (CMV)

last month we had a little 2 day Shooting in Leipzig (Germany). And we made a little video for KODD fans: BREAKER ^^ * a little special for this event * I hope you like it X3 We made future more videos and a better supply for my camera ^ _- Thanks @ all my […]