Michael Lorenzana: Demo reels 2012-2013

My videography work from 2012-2013 clips include: Time-Error Reel Ateneo Judo Invitation Pilipinas Cup: Woodrose Prom Trailer: Gatsby’s Great One Million Light Philippine Casting Sponsored by Energizer Music Reel of Artists: Urbandub, Penguin, Gloc- 9, Sandwich, Franco DSAP (Drug Store Association of the Philippines) 17th National Nestle Convention: Coffee Academy, University Activation (girl and coffee) […]

Brokenkites – Splintercat

Splintercat by Brokenkites, from the album “Flight School”, is available on iTunes at itunes.com/brokenkites. Presented by hollow scenes; video / camera is by William Wood. Thank you for listening to and supporting independent music and movies! If you like what you see and hear, please share with a friend!