Husband with threatening aura Roboraptor

In 2018, Kosuke Oono began publishing a series of manga called Gokushufudo (a Hungarian husband from Jakuzafosson) in an online magazine called Kurage Bunch, for the first time as a five-chapter story based mostly on tiny gags. The short comic became so popular that there was no fairy tale, Oono had to continue his ex-jacuzzi […]

“COSPLAY GIRL” Music Video | Amontiock

COSPLAY GIRL – A musical comedy of convention and courtship. Download the song: “‘Cosplay Girl’ is a musical number, a parody, a fan movie, and a mini-drama all rolled into one.” -Aja Romano, Directed, Filmed, & Edited by Evan K! Concept by Chris Bramante Makeup by Kate Marley Daxecutive Produced […]