Count Kracula’s Showcase Review: – IDW’s ‘Woodworks’ Wc Wood Hardcover Tribute & Justin McConnell’s ‘Skull World’ Movie

Count Kracula’s Showcase Review (S.5-Ep # 2): – Count Kracula makes one of his rare review appearances (with the segment ‘Count’s Bathroom Library’), and IDW’s ‘Woodwork: Wallace Wood, 1927-1981 ‘Hardcover (Master Comicbook Creator) Wally Wood Tribute, from the show’s own producer & Justin McConnell’s collection’ Skull World ‘film-Doc (After Two Years in the Life of […]

Funny Culture Book Promo Pilot

The pilot of the series, Episode 4 is “Visually Stunning”. A must see event that unearths some of the most stunning images ever created. Visit: to see the full episode! Episode # 4 paints a portrait of comic culture that not only introduces some incredible graphic artists from the Philippines, but it also spans […]

Cosplay Charity Run, Magdeburg 2021 | Flickr

Cosplay Charity Run, Magdeburg 2021 Daily newspaper “Volksstimme”, Magdeburg, 2021-08-23Photo scanned with: hp Color Laser Jet Pro MFP M277dw 🙂 Cosplay – Manga – Quidditch Magdeburg: Info Cosplay (Deutsch/German) Info Cosplay (English / English) Info Contaku Info Comic Kombinat 🙂 Magdeburg Occamys (Quidditch Sports Team) Info Muggel-Quidditch (Deutsch/German) Info Muggel-Quidditch (Englisch/English) Magdeburg […]

H2K: The girl who ate SoCal trailer (Halloween special) – WhirlGirl

Catch the trailer for WhirlGirl’s biggest-over-life Halloween special! It’s time for the year for goblins, ghosts, and radioactive meteorites from deep space! If WhirlGirl thinks finding Mr. Right is hard right now, just wait ’till she grows into a 50-foot, pleather-clad babe-zilla! Originally revealed: October 20, 2000 It’s mandatory superchick behavior! Follow the groovy adventures […]

The Good Last Drop Trailer – WhirlGirl

Catch the trailer for out-of-this-world 6 season finale! WhirlGirl exchanges her pleather for a space suit — when she rockets into orbit to save the rebels from disintegration. ZoneWerks, we have a problem. Originally revealed: June 2, 2000 It’s mandatory superchick behavior! Follow the groovy adventures of WhirlGirl, a girl-next-door who gifts the character of […]