Ladies in cosplay

I made this video as a nod to my favorite female cosplayers. None of the photos used are my own physical property and I do not use them for monetary matters. The music is also not my property (obviously) but again I don’t break any laws using the music because I don’t claim them as […]

Cathy Ngo cosple

I sit down with cosplayer, Cathy Ngo, as she puts together her final outfit for New York Comic Con 2012 and we take a walk on the showroom floor to see what NYCC 2012 has to offer and what she loves to be a cosplayer. Music Kevin Macleod – Groove Grove Soft Mistakes – Love […]

Be fast – cosplay for fun!

A cosplay montage from the 2014 Austin World Wizard Comic Con. This is the second version of this video I made (new music this time). Stay young in everyone’s heart! Video for fun and not for profit. PS Special thanks to Noah and the ladies in the podcast anomaly.

“COSPLAY GIRL” Music Video | Amontiock

COSPLAY GIRL – A musical comedy of convention and courtship. Download the song: “‘Cosplay Girl’ is a musical number, a parody, a fan movie, and a mini-drama all rolled into one.” -Aja Romano, Directed, Filmed, & Edited by Evan K! Concept by Chris Bramante Makeup by Kate Marley Daxecutive Produced […]

Easy, brilliant, beautiful cosplay

What is cosplay? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be your favorite character for a day? This film answers these questions and more. Director: Lucy Pecina Group: Focus Check Raw artwork, the real estate house of Reel Filmschool, where we believe that all children should see and hear. Want to […]

SFOTR 11 cosple 1

Sci-Fi on the Rock 11 Cosplay video One. Music by Rafiki – “Falling” Sic-Fi on the rock is the first comic book convention in Newfoundland St. Here is video of just a few of the cosplays I could spot.

REIYA (Cosplay Documentary)

‘Reiya’ is a short documentary about the cosplay community and how negative impacts such as bullying and harassment affect the community today. CREW: Directed by – Emily Welfare Produced by – Christopher Miles Assistant Director – Daniel Bury Camera Operator – Harry Mead Sound Recorder – Ryan Beman Director of Photography – Joe Hewitt Photographer […]

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