Andy Kayes – How Long (Official)

‘How Long’ took to Andy Kayes ’next album‘ Citizen Kayes ’Production ENEMY Films / Kayes Production directed by Jac Vocal: Andy Kayes Composer: Bonetrips & Chicho Cortez Mix / Mastering: Bonetrips & Tony Tandoory @ Studio Polycarpe (www .studiopolycarpe .com) With: Andy Kayes Rodolphe Rosas Rico Cicarelli Christian Benjamin Dolard Christophe Balme Hélène Veilleux Julien […]

Festival Road Trip / Comic-Con

Meet the Uniquely Dressed in Comic-Con 2011 Road Trip Festival ’(24’ doc series) documentary series that travels across the globe to the most exclusive and exciting international film festivals. Focusing on a selection of short filmmaker nominations, each program aims to provide an inside look at the emotions and experiences of those people up for […]