The One Thousand and One Nights plan is underway, Youku Animation will work with directors to create dreams for Chinese animation – Sanwenyu

Youku’s “One Thousand and One Nights Project” is underway to promote young animation directors. On May 2nd, Youku Animation held the 2021 spring conference, revealing the channel content positioning “New National Style”, and announced the 35 national comic works, “Starlight Project” and “One Thousand and One Nights Project” to be broadcast this year. And the […]

Interview with Li Xiaohong, Deputy General Manager of Fantawild Animation: How to authorize the IP of Jiahuan Animation? – Three Cultural Entertainment

This article was originally created by Sanwenyu. Please indicate the source for reprinting. How does the authorization service of “Bear Haunted” IP cooperate with the content? Will the Chinese brand licensing industry change? Hear what Huaqiang Fangte Animation said. The annual sales of authorized products of the “Bear Infested” IP cooperation exceed 3 billion yuan. […]