Count Kracula’s Showcase Review: – IDW’s ‘Woodworks’ Wc Wood Hardcover Tribute & Justin McConnell’s ‘Skull World’ Movie

Count Kracula’s Showcase Review (S.5-Ep # 2): – Count Kracula makes one of his rare review appearances (with the segment ‘Count’s Bathroom Library’), and IDW’s ‘Woodwork: Wallace Wood, 1927-1981 ‘Hardcover (Master Comicbook Creator) Wally Wood Tribute, from the show’s own producer & Justin McConnell’s collection’ Skull World ‘film-Doc (After Two Years in the Life of […]


Hello everybody! Usually I usually make a video of Anicomics right after the closing event, but this year, complications arose, limited time for editing and was only available today. And what does it matter? It’s always good to see and relive the moments that happened here, at ANICOMICS 2016! Thanks for watching the video! _______________________________________________________________ […]

The Spider-Man Montreal

Montreal raised Sean Powell spends most of his time walking the streets of downtown Montreal, Quebec dressed as Spider-Man in hopes of bringing smiles to people’s faces. Hosting children’s birthday parties and occasional visits to Montreal Children’s Hospital – Powell gives back to the community the power of cosplay. Focus Statement: Sean Finds Himself Through […]