A NaturNaL Project – Brief Demo

A NaturNaL Project – http://www.anaturnalproject.com/ We exist to tell interesting and exciting stories with fascinating visuals to finally entertain and encourage audiences. #QuitWorkMakeMovies na / vire / al [n.]- someone who is naturally night; natural enhances the sense of creativity during the evening / night hours

Super Hero Shrink – Teaser

A man under the Medium of Limited Intelligence and Sub Par ability, mistakenly becomes identified as a “Super Shrink Hero” & suddenly has the endless task of being the safe place for the most powerful beings in the universe. Armed with “Dr. Mystery”, he is tasked daily with helping the extraordinary with everything from nuclear […]

We played kissing, getting married or killed in Comic Con and it went WRONG badly (Facebook edit)

I present and produce a short video for the Sun’s Facebook channel playing Kiss, Marry or Kill at London’s Comic Con event, which reveals just how passionate people felt about Kim Kardashian, and not in the way you would expect. The video received more than 20.9k views in 4 days after posting. Link: https://www.facebook.com/thesunvideo/videos/893586847417612/?pnref=story