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◇ The Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Victim Support Group Network held a joint press conference at 11 am on the 12th, next to the’Girl of Peace’ in front of the former Japanese embassy in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and demanding a righteous judgment in a lawsuit for damages against Japan. Lee Kyung-hee, president of the Ma Chang-jin […]

Sambon Electronics,’Circle Re’ officially launched

[팍스넷뉴스 김민지 기자] Sambon Electronics, a KOSDAQ listed company, announced on the 30th that it will officially release the game’Circle Re: Hongwol Erosion’ (hereinafter referred to as Circle Re) jointly published with its subsidiary Haru Entertainment. Circle Re has reached 1 million pre-reservation recruiters in anticipation that users who are tired of the existing automatic […]

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On the 22nd, the state-of-the-art content experience space’realistic library’ at the National Library in Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul was unveiled. A library staff is demonstrating the process of searching for translated content and multimedia information by touching the book content screen of an old digital book. yunhap news When I open the book, a rabbit on […]

REIYA (Cosplay Documentary)

‘Reiya’ is a short documentary about the cosplay community and how negative impacts such as bullying and harassment affect the community today. CREW: Directed by – Emily Welfare Produced by – Christopher Miles Assistant Director – Daniel Bury Camera Operator – Harry Mead Sound Recorder – Ryan Beman Director of Photography – Joe Hewitt Photographer […]

Dreams and Adventures Into the World of Concentricity-Hankook Ilbo in the Americas

Excellent short films will be screened at the Snake International Children’s Film Festival, including two Korean animation films,’Ah~Chu’ (top) and’Finger Spring’ (bottom). [사진제공=BAM] ▶ Online screening on the 20th-28th▶ About 60 short stories from around the world, including Korean anime’Ah~Chu!’▶ Distributed by 6 themes by age The BAMkids Film Festival hosted by the Brooklyn Academy […]

Hong Kong revises textbooks to teach patriotism since childhood-The Wall Street Journal

After a series of anti-government protests in Hong Kong, the Chinese government, which blames young people, is seeking to increase its ideological control over them. The Hong Kong Education Bureau recently announced that children as young as six will receive national security education. Hong Kong education officials issued instructions late on Thursday to require kindergartens […]