The court in St. Petersburg banned another anime

The Kirovsky District Court of St. Petersburg banned the anime “No game – no life.” It is considered detrimental to the fragile psyche of children. “The material motivates minors to use violence against others, instills false values ​​and guidelines, contains signs of information of pornographic content”– reports the joint press service of the courts. According […]

80’s bubble era Japanese animation

In the 80’s, Japan enjoyed a golden age of ultra-luxury (which appears to be a bubble) due to an abnormal rise in asset values. At the time, there was a saying that if you sold all the land in Tokyo, you could buy the United States. It does not spare an investment in animation, so […]

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Getty Images Bank ☞Subscribe to the Hankyoreh S newsletter (2015), an animated film, was a worldwide box office hit. In Korea, it mobilized close to 5 million spectators. The main character of the film is the five anthropomorphic emotions (anger, anxiety, sadness, disgust, and joy) that control emotions in the head of a girl […]

Buryat’s first rock musical to be staged in Ulan-Ude Authors and actors promise the audience something unforgettable Buryat artists will show the residents of Ulan-Ude a unique performance – the first rock musical in the Buryat language. The premiere will take place this June, the leadership of the local opera house promises an incredible performance, IA Vostok.Today reports. Opera and ballet soloists, a […]

“Jackie Chan Adventures” Original Sound Anime Download and Listen

“Jackie Chan Adventures” Original Sound Anime Download and Listen search”“Related Books search”“Related Programs search”“Related anchors report sound:95 size:1.74G duration:32:21:12 latest update:2021-11-05 brief introduction The anchor sister worry-free carefully produced the album program sound focus on This person is very mysterious, nothing is left~ Anti-fraud center lazy person listening to books Free your eyes and listen […]