Jeremie Sloan and Allan Quick are your average neighbors by day. They have work with their families, they mow the lawn, they go to the supermarket. They also just happen to be superheroes. A Halo soldier. A Stormtrooper. A former Batman. An X-wing pilot. As cosplayers who are both members of the Portland Oregon Superhero […]

It’s your life. Welcome her!

“We are all broken. We come to conventions to feel whole. Now I say broken, but that’s not good. That implies that we were at one point, one way, but we’re not yet that this isn’t true. You are who you are. And I think that’s great. “—Peter Pixie, Master Ceremony can be found off […]

Comiccon Geekvolution Plant (I Don’t Need Me)

This photo is from Captian Logan, the co-host of Geekvolution from Plant Comiccon. It has tons of great videos about comics and superhero movies. If you want to check out some of there videos, reached out to their Youtube Channel. Or you could go to their website, And you can like them on […]