September Netflix anime “Baki Hanma” and “DEATH NOTE”. “Parasitic Beast” -AV Watch

Fan Ma’s Blade(C) Keisuke Itagaki (Akita Shoten) / Baki the Grappler Production Committee Netflix has released anime information to be delivered in September. As a noteworthy work, the third part “Baki Hanma”, which is the climax of Keisuke Itagaki’s fighting manga “Baki” series and depicts “the strongest parent-child quarrel in history”, is exclusively distributed worldwide. […]

The image board for the anime “Futo Detective” has been released. Produced by Uma Musume 2nd Studio KAI –AV Watch

Anime “Futo Detective” image board(C) 2022 “Fengdu Detective” Production Committee The work image board of the animation “Futo Detective” that depicts the aftermath of “Kamen Rider W”, which is scheduled to be distributed in 2022, has been released. Animation production was decided by Studio KAI. The anime “Kamen Rider Detective” is based on the manga […]

Netflix August animation is “Monster Hunter” CG movie, “In this corner of the world (more)” –AV Watch

“Monster Hunter: Legend of the Guild” Netflix announces a recommended anime lineup for August. Exclusive distribution of CG animation movie “Monster Hunter: Legend of the Guild” based on the hunting action game “Monster Hunter”, spin-off animation movie “The Witcher Wolf Nightmare” of Netflix original live-action drama series “The Witcher”, etc. .. “Monster Hunter: Legend of […]

August Netflix, action blockbuster “Sweet Girl”, “Monster Hunter” CG animation –AV Watch

“Sweet Girl” Exclusive Distribution on August 20th Netflix announces a lineup that will be available in August. Including the full-scale action movie “Sweet Girl” starring Jason Momoa in “Aquaman”, the thriller “Beckett” starring John David Washington in “TENET”, and the anime “The Witcher Wolf” that depicts the past of the popular drama “The Witcher”. “Night […]

“ASMR” animation that you feel in the water “Can you make your life happy in 180 seconds?” –AV Watch

“Can you make your life happy in 180 seconds?” Key visual(C) Monarch Production Committee The key visuals and character information of the ASMR-themed original 5-minute animation “Can you make your life happy in 180 seconds?”, Which will start broadcasting in October, has been released. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response / self), which has been gaining […]

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