Anime Matsuri 2014 – A short film by Gamrz staff attended the 2014 Anime Matsuri convention and put together an original short film about the event, the culture and exclusive interviews. provided comments. Interview: VampyBitMe Stella Chuu Other cosplayers and vendors Please share this video with everyone in the community! We put a lot of work into this and really hope you […]

Anime Boston 2011 – I’m on a Boat (Clean)

A-Chan and B-Kun are the 2011 Anime Boston mascot. A-Chan and B-Kun are in a band. sort of. And they do a cover of “On A Boat” by Lonely Island Boys. sort of. And they know the words. sort of. Erika Weatherbee – Producer, Director, Videographer Ian McDermott – Videographer Todd Goodman – Editor, 3rd […]