Fool for Hire – Episode 1

Fools for hire – Episode 1 “Pirates” Nick and Mike are corporate animators, quite possibly one of the hardest, most humiliating and least worthy jobs in the world! Start: Nick Harrison and Mike Cavers Guest Start: Gary Jones, Jackson Davies, June McClean, Pearce Visser This is the premiere episode of comedy webseries to shoot on […]

Fool for Hire – Episode 2

Did corporate hosts Nick and Mike survive their last gig? Will the big pitches for the lucrative “Florida Boat Festival” go well enough to ensure they work for the next few months and make their dreams come true? Or will Eric’s enemies ensure a different kind of “happy ending” for them? All of these questions […]

Fool for Hire – Episode 4

Welcome to the finale of season 1 of Fool for Hire! Faced with a huge deficit in employment after the loss of the Florida gig, Nick and Mike have a clandestine meeting with their booking agent, Anderson … Things don’t work out the way they expected and drastic measures to call for. Starring Nick Harrison […]

Fool for hire – Ep.2.8 – Bianca

Nick and Mike stumbled upon their booking agent, Anderson, in a backyard drinking game. But Anderson’s hangover is the least of their worries when they discover more about the mysterious lady who beat him in the game and, more importantly, what he won … Starting Nick Harrison and Mike Cavers Guest starring Pearce Visser and […]

Fool for hire – Ep.2.5 – “whore”

With Nick settling into his new temporary home in Mike’s sinking field, the men are given uniforms to British police officers for a promo gig. But with the infamous Event Coordinator, Janet, in charge of things it is only a matter of time before things turn hilariously bad for Nick and Mike. Starring Nick Harrison […]

Fool for Hire – Episode 3

After Eric VonHuffington’s despicable act of hacking, Nick and Mike must now deal with their shattered dreams and disappointment in their families … Start: Nick Harrison, Mike Cavers Guest Start: Victoria Davidson, Rebecca Harrison, Alice Cavers, Hannah Cavers, Ben Harrison, Olivia Harrison Directed by Neil Chak