“Cosplayers” follows the combined stories of the “Katfish partnership” cosplay, and explores the true meaning of being behind the fun of darkness. ** OFFICIAL SELECTION 2018 COMICPALOOZA FILM FESTIVAL **

The Super Maians. Cosplaying as a family

This is a sample of what the future film will be 90 minutes: cosplay actually. The video features the Super Maians family: Sonia, Tiago, Gui and Connor. The final film will show cosplay and convention cosplay from all over the world. Help us make this movie happen to support our Kickstarter project, now online !! […]

Identity: A Cosplay Documentary [Opening]

The opening of a cosplay documentary that I was working on for my independent film study class. The QFC animation was designed on Adobe AfterEffects and the rest was modified on Sony Vegas Pro 8.0. Feedback would be excellent and I hope you guys will check back in for the final product! Copyright Alexis Wells. […]