Herofest 2018 Submit Ad

Celebrating it in 12th grade run, HEROFEST – is looking for 10min. action film for its big screen special events and comic conventions – Sponsored by Facebook group – Cos & FX. The submission deadline is March 6, 2018. More information will be posted soon at www.torridproductions.com/herofest

The Crow: Purgatory (2004 Fan Spinoff)

This is the 1st installment for the fan spinoff of The Crow, expanding the Crow Myth and introducing all new characters NOT connected to the Draven stories nor the franchise’s cinematic universe. Angels of God’s army known as Disciple descend into the land of the living to capture a demon known for stealing souls. One […]

The Super Maians. Cosplaying as a family

This is a sample of what the future film will be 90 minutes: cosplay actually. The video features the Super Maians family: Sonia, Tiago, Gui and Connor. The final film will show cosplay and convention cosplay from all over the world. Help us make this movie happen to support our Kickstarter project, now online !! […]