Colossalcon Cruise (2019) – RE: CON

RE: CON videos are recaps at the disadvantage of the previous week. Hence the name, RE: CON Find out what you missed, relive the event, or see what to expect next time! RE THIS WEEK: CON gives you an inside look at Colossalcon Cruise 2019. Enjoy! This video was made for FAN GURU by @KevinTheDirector […]

⋆ ~ ѕαƒє ~ ⋆ (N ° 6 Nezushi CMV)

-THIS VIDEO IS A PARODY AND FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I CLAIM THERE IS NO PROPERTY WITH THE S SN AND ANY CONTT CONTAINING RIGHTS – – Aw yes, the first shippy video on this account … B) Expect so much more! Shion – Ember ( Nezumi – Flicker ( Director, cameraman and editor – […]

Homestuck CMV: Brain Draft

We do not own the music and make no profit when using it. All content belongs to the rightful owners. Please don’t sue us, Andrew Hussie. Brain Draft: Green Day Doing this (and editing it) was an adventure, including exciting things like Faygo Popsicles, Axis Check Checker, and Time as Unpaid Professional (what kind of […]

Dragon Con 2019 POV Highlights 1 Min Cut

DRAGON CON this year was amazing! Travel with me as I travel through 4 days of events celebrating pop culture, anime, gaming, and funny cosplaying on the streets of Atlanta Georgia. This was amazing and experienced people can say it was great! I hope I’ve captured the essences of pop culture, conventions, and street adventures […]