[600 Sub Special] Kitacon Quest 2017 CMV – ‘All Stars’ But is a Cosplay Music Video

————————————————– ——————— What was your favorite cosplay (s) shown in the Kitacon Quest 2017 CMV, post your answer in the comments below 🙂 —- ——————————————– —— —————– PLEASE WATCH IN HD (720 / 1080p) Be sure to like, comment on the video and SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel if did you like the video. Doing […]

☢ ~ GLaDOS hate Chell ~ ☢ (Portal 2 cosplay CMV)

-THIS VIDEO IS A PARODY AND FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I CLAIM NO SONG PROPERTIES AND ANY COT CONTAINS RIGHTS – – Here’s my newest CMV and pal I worked on! Hope you guys love it! GLaDOS – Ember (ember-ablaze.tumblr.com) Chell – Kate Buonanno (secretlygeek.com) Director, Camera and Editor – Neo (neocosplay.tumblr.com)