Handmade cosplays

Yes, it is true, we know the disappointment that comes when your cosplay that you ordered arrives and you open the package, the disappointment that it is assumed that it doesn’t look anything like what you wanted. With applause it will be what you asked for

Cosplays @ MangaComicCon LBM / MMC Leipzig 2017 (Leipzig Book Fair)

The MangaComicCon is part of the book just »Leipziger Buchmesse«. A great cry for all cosplayers in the void. Great job and thanks for acting so fantastic !! video includes cosplays from Klettes Cosplay (Geralt from Witcher 3) https://www.facebook.com/Klettes-Cosplay-1407770702794048 Skieara Cosplay (Ciri from Witcher 3) https://www.facebook.com/skiearacosplay / Lady Loki Cosplay & Lady Thor https://www.facebook.com/rivencos https://www.facebook.com/AmatusAmadeoCosplay/ […]

33 Barcelona Comic Fair – Cosplay Music Video

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