AVCon 2013 – Cosplay Competition

The official AVCon 2013 Cosplay Competition in its HD glory! Check out all the costumes, skit and stage time. Thanks to all the amazing attendees, be sure to check out our forums and social media leading up to the 2014 convention to take part! ________________________________ Visit our website: http://avcon.org.au/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TeamAVCon Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/TeamAVCon Tumblr: http: […]

Insomnia56 cosple

Cosplay is getting bigger and bigger in every insomnia event. The team keeps the cosplayers in action and interviews some of them. As the director of the video, I made sure everyone knew the briefing of what film and of the best possible quality. I even acted as a camera operator myself, allowing me to […]

DIY cosplay Snorlax

Hey! ^ w ^ This is a Snorlax cosplay I did a few months ago, but I’m too laaazy to edit videos. But here it is! I made the cosplay in 4-5 hours and it’s very easy Hope you like it! : 3 For more projects: www.everydaysproject.tumblr.com www.misseveryday.tumblr.com