Regio TV Stuttgart Journal 11/29/2021

Topics in the journal +++ Hustle and bustle in the fair – at the Comic Con +++ Sindelfingen vaccination marathon – large rush in the Glaspalast, more than 3000 vaccinations a day +++ onset of winter in Stuttgart – first snow on Sunday evening causes accidents and chaos + ++ Fire in the hotel – […]

Halloween: how to make, where to get and how to best wear the costumes of the moment | The Squid game | Harley Quinn | It | Pennywise | Venom | ec stories | ARE

Lima, October 31, 2021Updated on 10/31/2021 03:36 pm According to the criteria of Know more VENOM (Marvel) The most recent premiere of Venom 2: There Will Be Carnage (Venom: Carnage Released) puts the alien symbiote as a good choice for this costume season. The first part of this costume professional is a lycra suit. On […]

2009 portfolio model

David made me a beautiful slideshow using some photos from my 2000-2009 model record. My favor bit is second half … He plays Bad Apple from the Touhou Project. =) Pics of the most recent models here –

Festival Road Trip / Comic-Con

Meet the Uniquely Dressed in Comic-Con 2011 Road Trip Festival ’(24’ doc series) documentary series that travels across the globe to the most exclusive and exciting international film festivals. Focusing on a selection of short filmmaker nominations, each program aims to provide an inside look at the emotions and experiences of those people up for […]