TikTok playback number is 830 million Original TRPG “Dungeons & Dragons” presentation report-KAI-YOU.net

Known as the originator of TRPG “Dungeons & DragonsA strategy presentation was held on November 21 regarding the new development of the Japanese version. At the presentation, we explained about the player population worldwide and future product development.And the cosplayers who experienced “Dungeons & Dragons” in advancepearMr. Miss,ThistleA talk session was held by Mr. [Image]Popular […]

Anime “Kaguya-sama” New York Premiere Report Voice Actor Aoi Koga “Finally a Stepping Start” – KAI-YOU.net

animation”Kaguya-sama wants to tell you -The first kiss never ends-is being held at the Javits Convention Center in New York, USA.Anime NYC” was carried out. At the “‘Kaguya-sama wants to tell you-first kiss won’t end-‘ NEW YO (!) RK premiere” held on the morning of November 20, Japan time,Kaguya ShinomiyaThe voice actor of the role, […]

Another meeting of lovers of Japanese culture, manga and anime was held in the Shakhov Central Library

Nov 15 2022, 10:48 It was dedicated to the dramatic anime “Children of the Sea”. Club members actively shared their impressions, discussed drawing and other works of the director. The guys really liked the anime, they will be happy to review it. After that, they listened to their favorite openings. Source: http://inshahovskoe.ru/novosti/kultura/v-shahovskoy-centralnoy-biblioteke-proshla-ocherednaya-vstrecha-lyubiteley-yaponskoy-kultury-mangi-i-anime

The Japan Touch is coming to Lyon this weekend!

For two days, Asian culture will be honored with many activities, guests, bonsai, arts and traditions, gift ideas, and stands around well-being and travel. Mode Kawaii It will be about Pop culture with many workshops. Fashion will also be at the center of this festival, with in particular an unprecedented parade of cosplayers to unveil […]

VTuber Kizuna AI’s anime “Kizuna no Allil” will be broadcast on TV in 2023-KAI-YOU.net

Virtual YouTuber (VTuber)・Kizuna AI(Kizuna AI)’s animation “Aryl of Bondswas announced to be broadcast on TV in 2023. A visual drawn by illustrator En Morikura, who worked on character design for Kizuna AI, has been released. In addition, an official website and Twitter have been opened. Currently, VTuber love-chan, who was born from Kizuna AI-san, continues […]