The Geekali draws crowds

Geekali: The professionalization of the world of video games The association pushes towards a structuring of the video game sector in Reunion, in particular thanks to L’Esport Réunion. The Geekali show welcomes several experts, such as Stéphan Euthine, Esport founder of LDLC OL or the Reunionese Seroths, amateur videographer turned professional streamer. The objective is […]

In an era where cosplayers also make full use of “masks”? 16 creative cosplays found at the revived Comic Con (photo gallery) |

“Comic Con” wouldn’t be complete without cosplay. In the same elaborate costumes as the comics that became the theme and the faces who appeared on the stage of the “San Diego Convention Center” Hall H, which was the venue for “Comic-Con International (San Diego Comic-Con, SDCC)” in 2022 Dressing up, or seeing people in fancy […]

Enako and Iori Moera’s unit “PPE41” new song is a summer pop tune –

Enako-san, Iori Moe-san, Shinozaki Kokoro-san, and other popular idols in the cosplay and gravure world.PPE41However, the 2nd single “Onegai☆Destiny” will be distributed and released on Wednesday, August 3. Following the 1st single “LIE! LIE? PANIC!!”, the lyrics and composition were written and composed by singer-songwriter ZAQ, and arranged by EFFY. Prior to the release of […]

Mecha-mechanical banknotes are cool Cyberpunk x Japanese style = strongest!

Whether it’s “Blade Runner” or “Cyberpunk 2077”, the compatibility between Japan and cyberpunk is guaranteed. In other words, if Japanese-style banknotes shine in cyberspace…coolThat means! 「It’s so bright!A video posted on Twitter with the words “. In the video, you can see the letters on the banknote printed on the acrylic plate glowing red, along […]

Shall we go to a cool theater? 3 animations worth watching with children on summer vacation – Digital Chosun Ilbo (

How about having a cool theater outing with your child on summer vacation? Here are three animated movies to watch with your kids this summer. Opens July 28thPororo Movie Dragon Castle Adventure ▲ Image = Poster for ‘Pororo’s Dragon Castle Adventure’ Now, in theaters, Pororo, the children’s eternal friend who returned to the screen after […]

The total number of votes was 225,897, and a total of 621,256 people visited Wuhan’s cultural and creative industry “Double Top Ten” review successfully concluded-Jingchu Net-Hubei Daily Net

Image source: Wuhan Cultural and Creative Industry Association Chutian Metropolis Daily Jimu News (reporter Xia Yu intern Lu Yanbin) On July 22, the selection of the top ten leading companies and top ten leaders in Wuhan’s cultural and creative industries in 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the “Double Top Ten” selection of Wuhan’s cultural and […]