Royal / T Coffee: Serve art and cosplay

The waitress at Royal / T, a cosplay cafe in Los Angeles, serves up Japanese food with a hint of French fusion while wearing French maid outfits. Walk through the door, down into the rabbit hole, and experience the visual explosion that is Royal / T. Filled with pieces of original art, friendly staff, and […]

Chinese animation “Ra Koguro Senki” new series broadcast decision Exclusive distribution on bilibili –

Animated work from China “The Legend of Hei』(Roshao Heisenki) new episode release date has been decided. It will be exclusively distributed on the Chinese distribution platform bilibili from Saturday, April 24th. The PV of the new episode has been released on the official Weibo and Twitter of “The Legend of Hei”. Look at the one-minute […]

Yorushika’s new song “Matasaburo” appointed as a new commercial for d anime store –Music News: CINRA.NET

Yorushika Yorushika’s new song “Matasaburo” has been appointed to the new commercial for the d anime store “Meet Your Favorite”. The “Meet Your Favorite” version consists of two parts, the first part “Confession” that is being released on YouTube and the second part “Recapture” that will be released later. In the first part “Confession”, the […]

“Complete goosebumps”: Beautiful living with Sophie Passmann

Essen. “Complete goosebumps” is the name of the new work by Sophie Passmann: the 27-year-old tells of the difficulty of settling in as an adult. Tpqijf Qbttnboo- ejf 38 Kbisf bmuf voe tfju jisfn Cftutfmmfs=b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/ljxj.wfsmbh/ef0cvdi0tpqijf.qbttnboo.bmuf.xfjttf.nbfoofs.:894573163577# ubshfuµ#`cmbol# ujumfµ##? ‟Bmuf xfjàf Nåoofs”=0b? cvoeftxfju cflboouf Bvupsjo- jtu; vnhf{phfo/ [fju bmtp- Sýdltdibv {v ibmufo- [fju bvdi- tjdi {v […]


Cosplay Season – TELL YOUR STORY! Ok so it took a while … We shot this video six months ago at MCM London in Excel Center .. and I edited it in between work and filming / editing wedding. It’s far from where I want it to be, but MCM is this month, so I’ll […]

Use good stories to influence the world “Panda Harmony” series explore the globalization of Chinese animation_文化

Original title: Use good stories to influence the world “Panda Harmony” series explore the globalization of Chinese animation With the end of the winter vacation, the “Panda Harmony” series of animation series jointly created by CCTV Children’s Channel and CCTV Animation Group ended smoothly. This is also the first concentrated broadcast of this series of […]

Global Economic

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