Is Android Dream Animated? _Ita

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TRAV @ WATERLOO By Astrocelt

[email protected] Astrocelt’s trav is on the hunt for his missing Time machine. His research takes him to the Waterloo Festival in Cleveland where he makes new friends, is accosted by paparazzi and finds an indication of where his Time car is … “Waterloo! At last! What is it? Steam punk! Madame Haberdasher, I congratulate you! […]

BTS Event – PH Justice at the 2017 WB Merch Launch

The Justice League shows 1.5 days before the U.S. release in the Philippines November 16, 2017 only in movies. Follow the adventures of our Justice League team cosplay film as adventure around Metro Manila in the coming weeks. Here are some members of Justice PH [ ] for a special video teaser of what’s […]

Angel fight

SoulPancake was kind enough to give me all the shots taken of me in my Alita costume for the subcultures episode on Cosplay, which you can see here: I can’t believe how amazing fucking this costume looks in motion. Make my heart still. Yes, the music comes from Tron. Duh.

Ghost in the shell: resurgence

Ghost in the Shell: SAC Tribute Live action GITS ?? Soon ?? E ?? A follow-up project for the Ghost in the Shell SAC: Omi Gibson Cosplay Fanart. For the opening scene I got screenshots of the buildings and helicopter / plane thingy from the 3D intro gits and reanime of AE. Cosplay by: […]

Aeria Gloris photoshop breakdown

Ghost in the Shell SAC: Omi Gibson Cosplay Fanart Tribute Cosplay by: Omi Gibson Stocks Photos http: / / Ghost in the Shell © Shirow Masamune Production IG Wallpaper ->