Cosplay: Behind the Mask

A look at the lives of cosplayers who try to break the boundaries of reality by transforming themselves into characters from comic books, TV shows, and movies. This short documentary explores cosplay culture through the eyes of talented cosplayers. Director / Producer: Hendricksen Armand Cosplayers: Ashley Morisette: Ciara Rodriguez: Dan Siebert: / […]

The Official Documentary Cosplay Trailer

I’ve been working on this film as a camera operator and editor for over a year now and I’m finally able to release the official trailer! The film follows six people with diverse skill sets and cosplay experiences as they collaborate as a group to complete a series of cosplays from the Legendary League and […]

Related anime: Cosplay Guys

Copyright Related ™ copyright © 2006-2014 Studio Takuetsu LLC. All Rights Reserved. You can buy this wacky set at: anime% 2Caps & rh = i% 3Aaps% 2Ck% 3Aanime% 20related % 20dvd & oqid = 14100801344, each volume is $ 9.99. Related anime 2: Cosplay with Others (Cut the Director) is the best in the […]

What is cosplay? (An Introduction)

After a couple of other options, this one is the fan favorite, and a favorite of mine too. It is the introduction to a documentary I am doing regarding cosplay. Ignorance of what cosplay is? Watch the video to find out! I think it’s very self-explanatory. And yes, I know, some of the audio is […]

REIYA (Cosplay Documentary)

‘Reiya’ is a short documentary about the cosplay community and how negative impacts such as bullying and harassment affect the community today. CREW: Directed by – Emily Welfare Produced by – Christopher Miles Assistant Director – Daniel Bury Camera Operator – Harry Mead Sound Recorder – Ryan Beman Director of Photography – Joe Hewitt Photographer […]

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